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SFA's Mission

SFA’s mission is to defend, protect and enhance the commercial fishing industry in the southeastern United States for present participants as well as future generations through all legal means while maintaining healthy and sustainable stocks of fish.


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Laurie Stevens, Executive Director

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Rick Marks, Governmental Affairs/Washington, DC Representative

Tad Mask joins SFA as  Regional Director

Tad grew up watching his grandfather Bob Jones lead SFA as he represented the commercial fishing industry throughout the region.  He worked in and managed seafood restaurants in St. Augustine, Florida during his college years and beyond. He is excited to continue the tradition of advocating for the fishermen. He will be working to connect and establish relationships with current members, government partners and seafood industry stakeholders. 

As a professional freelance photographer, Tad has worked in high end production studios across the country, led multiple team structures and served as the campaign photographer for Florida Governor Rick Scott's 2014 reelection campaign. 

His job experiences are varied, which enhance his skills as a problem-solver and creative thinker. He has access to SFA’s past and the enthusiasm to help move SFA into the future.

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SFA's Major Goals

Preserve harvesting access to the marine fisheries resources for future generations.

There are worldwide efforts to reduce the harvest of seafood and to reduce the number of fishing vessels and fishermen in the industry. One major effort of reduction is in fisheries identified as overcapitalized. Another effort is being made by groups who are opposed to harvesting animals for food purposes.

Promote and deliver continuing education programs concerning seafood safety.

There is a worldwide concern about seafood safety, so much so that the United States, Canada and the European Economic Union have initiated strict seafood safety regulations. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established 21 CFR 123 in 1996 as the controlling regulations for all seafood and aquaculture products sold at wholesale in the country. SFA is developing new options for those needing to be HACCP-certified.

Chronicle the history of the southeastern seafood industry.

Manuscripts, rules and regulations show how the seafood industry in the southeast has been transformed from a valuable and respected industry to an industry considered by some groups as no longer needed.

SFA Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Chairman of the Board: Peter Jarvis, Triar Seafood

President: Tony Lombardi, Lombardi's Marketplace

Vice President: Dawn Aylesworth, Aylesworth Foundation

Treasurer: Sherri McCoy, Cape Canaveral Shrimp Co.

Secretary: Jeanna Merrifield, Wild Ocean Market 


Robert Aylesworth, Aylesworth Fish & Bait

Gary Graves, Keys Fisheries

Dennis Henderson, Trico Shrimp Co.

Tom Hill, Key Largo Fisheries

Jimmy Hull, Hull's Seafood Market

Mike Merrifield, Wild Ocean Market

Gerald Pack, Safe Harbor Seafood

Eugene Raffield, Raffield Fisheries

Steven Rash, Water Street Seafood

Southeastern Fisheries Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization.

1700 North Monroe Street, #11-154, Tallahassee, FL 32303

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