Blue Charity Business – Reform of the European Common Fisheries Policy

This report aims to give more transparency to the activities of the foundations through Environmental Non Governmental Organizations [ENGOs] in Europe. It also aims to decode the origin of such way of acting, and similarities which can be noticed with what is currently implemented in the USA. It tries to identify some tracks regarding what motivates the foundations’ involvement, apart from the defense of wilderness.

ENGOs are now fully committed (from a legal point of view), in preparatory negotiations of the European Common Fisheries Policy [CFP] Reform. They represent a power legitimized by the support and the hearing they gained from media and public opinion generally speaking. The goal of this report is to make clear what motivates ENGOs and their funders who try to influence European Public Policy. The aim of this report is not to produce an overall criticism of the ENGOs or of their actions in the field of European fisheries.
We share most of their observations and of their fights (illegal fisheries, defense of the small-scale fisheries, intensive fishfarming and fishmeals fisheries). We recognize them a position in the fisheries history. We think it is healthy to have a different view on fishery management, to enable fishery industry to progress regarding previous doing and to break the exclusive private relationship between Commission and industrial fishery.

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