Sheepshead Stew for Six

What you need:
2 pound Florida sheepshead gutted, washed head-on
2 pounds peeled round sliced potatoes
1 big Vidalia/sweet onion chopped
6 carrots round sliced
1/2 pound thick sliced bacon
2 cups more or less of Chicken broth
1 level tablespoon garlic powder
Cup or so of tomato paste
1 tablespoon salt and salt to taste after cooked
Any other spice that you think is nice.

How to cook it:
Brown the bacon in iron pot that will cook and hold the stew. After bacon is crisp, turn the burner off then remove and drain. Break up bacon in chunks and set aside to sprinkle on the stew just before serving. Mix the tomato paste with the bacon fat until all residue is part of the mixture.

First put potatoes in then onions, carrots, garlic and finally sheepshead. (Sheepshead can be whole or filleted or in chunks but the head is a must) Pour in chicken broth until it barely covers the fish. Put tight top on the pot then bring to a boil over medium heat then put it on low simmer for 20 minutes.

If the potatoes are done, add salt for taste, sprinkle the bacon and serve in soup bowl. Enjoy.

Without commercial fishermen there will be no seafood for the non-boaters, seniors and least of the brothers. Sheepshead is affordable and sustainable. There should be more for the Florida consumers.

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