ASA Only Getting 3% is Just Wrong

The American Sportfishing Association (ASA) has a stump speech falsely claiming that recreational fishermen only get 3% of the fish in America. ASA demands Congress, through the Magnuson-Stevens Act, allocate our commonly owned federal fish more fairly.

ASA claims anglers get 3% of the fish. What anglers are really allocated species by species.

Knowledgeable people know anglers catch more than 3% of the fish. NOAA statistics below show the allocation of fish species by species in the South Atlantic for example. Southeastern Fisheries Assn. wholeheartedly agrees with ASA that Congress is required to be fair and equitable in the allocation of the nation’s marine resources. Fish belong to all the people, not just people with boats and motors.

The ASA frames allocation as a battle between the recreational fishing boats and the commercial fishing boats. Actually the battle is between anglers with boats and money to catch their own fish and the millions of citizens without boats. Non-boaters depend on licensed professional fishermen to bring their fair share of fish to shore to buy. In so doing the sale of fish create wealth for the nation. This is the real issue, not the false narrative created by recreational boat builders, foreign suppliers of big motors andthe small herd of sport writers.

ASA demonizes commercial fishermen and claims we are getting most of the fish and never admits that the commercial are the only conduit between non-boaters and their access to their fish. Changing the paradigm of non-boaters who have never thought of licensed commercial as their only conduit to eat and enjoy fresh fish will take a lot of work. Bear in mind the cca folks are so good with their propaganda that they can bring a busload of South Florida seniors to the Capitol, put a red hat on each one of them, and have them cheer for regulations preventing them from eating a redfish for example.

This is the fish allocation to the recreational sector- people with boats to get into federal waters

This is the fish allocation to the non-boaters/restaurants/retailers harvested by licensed commercial fishermen who keep track of every fish harvested and keeps them safe from water to waiter.


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