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After spending over 50 years on and around the water, I have realized that without strong fisheries laws and effective conservation measures, the future of salt water fishing, and America’s living marine resources, is dim. Yet conservation is given short shrift by national angling organizations and the angling press. I hope that this blog will incite, inform and inspire salt water fishermen to reclaim their traditional role as the leading advocates for the conservation of America’s fisheries.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


We’ve all heard of “Freudian slips,” words used in inappropriate contexts that are said to accidentally reveal thoughts that the speaker preferred to keep hidden.

There’s been a lot of debate about whether Freudian slips are truly “Freudian” at all, or whether they’re just a product of sloppy thinking or a tired mind.  However, whether or not actual Freudian slips occur, there are certain actions—not just limited to accidentally inappropriate words, but to other acts as well—that are called “parapraxis” and can be explained as

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