Restaurant Fraud in Florida

Look at these two articles about fraud in some of our Florida restaurants.

A local restaurant in Miami faces charges for allegedly claiming ingredients on their menu were locally sourced, when they were not.

Attorney Genera Pam Bondi filed a complaint Friday against Icebox Cafe and Icebox Cafe at MIA, LLC, for supplying non-locally sourced or sustainable products but claiming so on restaurant menus, according to a press release. Icebox Cafe at MIA is a “self-proclaimed farm-to-table” eatery, the release stated, but Bondi’s complaint says the company misled customers by claiming the restaurant received a state certification to be a local provider and sold local products. A national food distributor, SYSCO, provides the restaurant with the bulk of their food, the release said.

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The investigators started showing up in May and June.

At Turkey Hill Farm in Tallahassee, Louise Divine grows fruits and vegetables, ginger and turmeric, sugar cane and elephant garlic, lettuces in the winter. When the man arrived at the farm, they sat on the porch for an hour or so and talked. Which restaurants bought her produce? Which restaurants said they did, but really didn’t?

“He said it wasn’t about enforcement or policing,” Divine said. “He said, ‘Our boss wants to find out if this is a problem.’ ”

His boss is Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi. And after a string of similar visits reported by other Florida farmers, Bondi confirmed what they suspected.

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