About Us

SFA Mission Statement

SFA’s mission is to defend, protect and enhance the commercial fishing industry in the southeastern United States for present participants as well as future generations through all legal means while maintaining healthy and sustainable stocks of fish.

Ethics Statement

SFA is committed to working on behalf of its members in a fair and honest manner, in full compliance with all laws and regulations. The longstanding, honorable reputation of SFA demonstrates the professional integrity and accountability of its staff and leadership. We commit to provide accurate and fair information in all of our procedures and practices to SFA members, vendors, government agencies and all others interested in fisheries-related issues.

  • SFA serves as a vehicle for solving problems related to the seafood industry in southeastern region of the United States.
  • SFA emphasizes the benefits of cooperation and the commitment for protecting the natural water resources of the world.
  • SFA provides technical information to the members on seafood safety, and provides reports on legislation and regulations.
  • SFA represents harvesters, packers, processors, distributors and restaurants which illustrates that SFA is involved in the seafood industry “from the oceans to the plate.”
  • SFA strives to preserve fishery resources, fishermen and communities
  • SFA supports honest, science-based conservation and management that complies with the Rule of Law
  • SFA provides current, pertinent information and updates to members concerning federally required Hazards Analysis and Critical Control Point regulations (HACCP), proposed fisheries legislation under consideration by Congress and fishery-related regulations, as enacted by state and federal governments
  • SFA is at the forefront trying to stop consumer fraud including seafood product substitution (bait& switch) and net weight violations
  • SFA emphasizes the benefits of cooperation and the commitment for protecting the wetlands and estuaries of the world.
  • SFA members are involved in all aspects of seafood harvesting, processing, freezing, storage, distribution and wholesale and retail sales.

Southeastern Fisheries Association is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit fisheries trade association founded by a core group of fish dealers in 1952. SFA is composed of companies and individual fishermen and workers employed within or supportive of the seafood and aquaculture industry at the local, state, national and international level.

Major Goals

Preserve harvesting access to the marine fisheries resources for future generations.

There are worldwide efforts to reduce the harvest of seafood and to reduce the number of fishing vessels and fishermen in the industry. One major effort of reduction is in fisheries identified as overcapitalized. Another effort is being made by groups who are opposed to harvesting animals for food purposes.

Promote and deliver continuing education programs concerning seafood safety.

There is a worldwide concern about seafood safety, so much so that the United States, Canada and the European Economic Union have initiated strict seafood safety regulations. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) established 21 CFR 123 in 1996 as the controlling regulations for all seafood and aquaculture products sold at wholesale in the country. SFA’s Executive Director is certified to teach HACCP courses to any company in the world.

Chronicle the history of the southeastern seafood industry.

Manuscripts, rules and regulations show how the seafood industry in the southeast has been transformed from a valuable and respected industry to an industry considered by some groups as no longer needed.


Since 1964, Executive Director Robert P. Jones has led the charge for many commercial fishing groups within and without the Southeastern Fisheries Association.

Jones’ leadership and knowledge allows him to actively participate in a wide range of national, regional and local organizations including:

US Coast Guard Advisory Committee
US Environmental Protection Agency’s, Gulf of Mexico Initiative
Alaskan Coastal Zone Advisory Committee
National Academy of Science on Vessel Safety
US Department of State, Ocean Affairs Advisory Committee
Deepwater Shrimp Advisory Panel, South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council
Gulf and South Atlantic Fisheries Development Foundation, Inc.
Gulf of Mexico Seafood Marketing Coalition
Gulf of Mexico Fisheries Management Council
Florida Task Force on Food Safety under Agriculture and Consumer Services
Florida/Alabama Habitat Committee, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council Florida
Governor’s Oceans Policy Task Force
Keep American Beautiful Campaign

Jones monitors state and federal legislation affecting the seafood industry and coordinates events in Tallahassee, FL and Washington, DC. He has represented domestic fisheries on an international basis including a Trade Mission to Japan, Business development in India and Bilateral talks concerning shrimping in Mexico.

Jones is a Certified Seafood HACCP Trainer and has trained and certified staff at more than 950 firms in the seafood industry and is called on to solve complex seafood safety issues on a regular basis.

Jones has been a guest lecturer at many universities including Florida State University, University of South Florida, Oregon State University, University of Florida and Tulane University. Jones graduated from University of South Florida and served our nation in the US Marine Corps 1952-1955.

2015-2016 SFA Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Chairman of the Board
Gerald Pack, Safe Harbor Seafood, Atlantic Beach, FL
Jimmy Hull, Hull’s Seafood Markets, Inc., Ormond Beach, FL
Vice President
Peter Jarvis, Triar Seafood Company, Hollywood, FL
Grant Erickson, Erickson & Jensen Seafood Packers, Fort Myers Beach, FL
Jeanna Merrifield, Cape Canaveral Shrimp Company, Titusville, FL

Robert Aylesworth, Aylesworth’s Fish & Bait, Inc., St Petersburg, FL
Darrell Glover, Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc., Jacksonville, FL
Gary Graves, Keys Fisheries, Inc., Marathon, FL
Dennis Henderson, Trico Shrimp Company, Fort Myers Beach, FL
Tom Hill, Key Largo Fisheries, Inc., Key Largo, FL
Jimmy Hull, SFA East Coast Fisheries, Ormond Beach, FL
Tony Lombardi, Lombardi’s Marketplace LLC, Winter Park, FL
Sherri McCoy, Cape Canaveral Shrimp Company, Cape Canaveral, FL
Mike Merrifield, Cape Canaveral Shrimp Company, Titusville, FL
Darrell Poli, Marine Supply & Oil Company, St Augustine, FL
Eugene Raffield Jr., Raffield Fisheries, Inc., Port St. Joe, FL
Steven Rash, Water Street Seafood, Inc., Apalachicola, FL
Alternate Director Ernie Donini, Jr., Superior Seafoods, Inc., Tampa, FL